Valuation Rolls 1875

Introduction & Background Information

The Valuation Rolls in Scotland of 1875 offer a fascinating picture of life in Scotland during the late Victorian era.

The new records comprise 1,441,484 indexed names and 77,238 digital images, and cover every kind of building, structure or property in Scotland which was assessed in 1875 as having a rateable value.

Published yearly on Whitsunday from 1855 to 1955, the Valuation Rolls include the names of owners, tenants and occupiers of each property - as a result, the records reach right across the social classes. In many cases, occupations are also listed.

These new records complement the 1885, 1895, 1905, 1915 and 1920 Valuation Rolls, which have been progressively added to the ScotlandsPeople website since 2012. Because the 1885 Rolls were taken at a mid-point between censuses, they should help family history researchers find information about any ancestors who moved address or changed jobs between 1881 and 1891.

The new records will help family historians to find out more about their ancestors, and also discover the rateable value of the property they rented or owned. The Valuation Rolls can also help genealogists to find out who the neighbours and landlords/tenants of their ancestors were.

To find out more about the information contained in the 1875 Valuation Rolls and to view some examples of these records, just click on the links below.

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