Soldiers' Wills

Introduction to the Soldiers' Wills

The Soldiers' Wills project by the National Records of Scotland and ScotlandsPeople is part of the commemorations to mark the centenary of the outbreak of World War One. Wills from soldiers across all of the Scottish regiments who fought in the conflict will be made available.

These poignant documents include the last wishes of 26,000 ordinary Scottish soldiers who died in the Great War. The records are drawn from all the Scottish infantry and cavalry regiments, as well as the Royal Artillery, Royal Army Medical Corps, Royal Army Service Corps, the Machine Gun Corps and other units, and a few who served in the Royal Flying Corps and the RAF. Almost all the wills were written by soldiers below officer rank, but some wills for commissioned officers are also included.

In addition to the wills from the Great War, there are almost 5,000 from Scots soldiers serving in all theatres during the Second World War, several hundred from the Boer War and Korean War, and others from conflicts between 1857 and 1964.

To view more detailed information about the project and to view some wills of Scots with famous descendants, visit the pages listed below.

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